Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Grandfather of soul"

Keystone studios produced this well-crafted animation. Click 'film' to see the animation.


Lady-in-Gray said...

Hi, Sawsee (and JDH, too)! Sorry to post this here, but it's the only way I know to contact you.

Go over to TVgasm, General Chat, Enough of the Love Fest. Read the last couple of days. After that, let me know if you still want to use their Forums.

Since they're obviously snooping in our Hatch, I don't feel the least bit guilty of snooping in theirs....

I'm so mad, I'm ready to 'splode!!!

Sawsee said...

Hello Lady! You are always welcome here! In fact, I've missed you!
I just read this message, and much has transpired since. As GB says, I guess it was a milestone and time to look forward and be happy! See you over at GB's!

Lady-in-Gray said...

I guess that post didn't make me sound like much of a gracious lady. Sorry about that. I spent much of today hurt, angry and in tears.

I don't know if you read their rant about us or not, but I did learn something that might affect you and JDH. They have something called an "Ignore List" and some of them supposedly have all of us on it.

I'm not sure if they have connected you and JDH to us. If they have, your posts might be "ignored" by some of them. If so, that makes me feel really bad because I know both of you were enjoying the conversations over there.

Anyway, if you are ever feeling ignored, you know where to find us....Cheers!

Sawsee said...

Hi Lady! I read the posts and I'm glad a day has gone by...

With people like that, it's best to just walk away and not engage. I can see how upsetting it was.
It was a 'no-win' situation, and I think GB has made the right decision.

Today is a NEW day! We have our first snowdrop flower blooming! Spring is almost here!

Lady-in-Gray said...

Hey, Sawsee! I love your optimism. Can the beets be far behind?

Give The Terminator a hug for me!