Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Classic SF Illustrator

Here is an incredible collection of classic Ron Turner cover art, from the 1950's and 1960's.


Greybishop said...

To quote Beaner - Sa-weet!
Love this stuff.

Sawsee said...

Hey GB! It would be cool to collect a bunch of these and frame them for your store. A nice tax break (office expense) once you are in 'the chips'.

Greybishop said...

Hey Sawsee -
I actually have "murals" in mind for each area of the store, but that's WAY down the road. Hopefully, I can do them myself.
Sci-Fi, Comics, Horror, True Crime, History, Canadiana, Military History, Sports, Kids, Romance and Spirituality all easily lend themselves to visual interpretations that I can do, but for "General Fiction" I got nuthin'! I'll go with fancy letters or something, since the "General Fiction" area covers most of the walls in the store.

Sawsee said...

Very ambitious! The easiest way to do murals is by projecting your artwork onto the walls, while the lights are out.

Maybe the general fiction could use an A-Z graphic?

You could choose a few 'letters', in between to feature, to give proximity to titles.

Anonymous said...

Could it be General "Zod" Fiction?

Sawsee said...

JDH! Lol! Great thinking!