Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hurry! Bid on "Heroes'" Artwork.

The auction, benefitting the National Epilepsy Foundation, begins on March 26, 2007.


Greybishop said...

I don't like all of the art, but that Hiro v. Dino pic is fabulous.
I also like the "shadow in the stadium" one.
Kinda cool that comic book style art is going (sorta) mainstream.

Sawsee said...

Greybishop! I wonder if many of the bidders actually place the artwork into the comic book art category?

Seeing some of the new art, I think the budget has been reduced and the real artist has to crank them out. Hiro fighting Mr. Dino has been well thought out and crafted.

Greybishop said...

You're probably right. The buyers probably don't see it as "comic book art" which will (Unfortunately) probably make it more valuable than if they thought of it in those terms.
Still, maybe some of them do...