Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tiny Homes.

Tumbleweed houses are building home packages from 100 square feet and up. They offer a 'monster' home which weighs in at 500 sq. feet. There's something civilized to be said about these homes as they put into perspective the extreme size of some of today's homes. There is a 'monster home for sale, in Vancouver's realestate section, which is 48,000 sq. ft. Yes, that is 48,000 sq. ft, ten times the size of the typical 4,800 sq. ft 'large' house. The owners are now admitting that it is "too big"!


Greybishop said...

I saw these a few years ago. Very neat.
To my mind the best part would be that cleaning one from "Top to bottom" couldn't take more than an hour tops!
And unlike my house, no heavy equipment (back-hoe, bulldozer, crane, etc.) would be required for the job...

Sawsee said...

Greybishop! Yes, cleaning would be a snap, or at least proportionally reduced!