Monday, May 28, 2007

Pyramid Photos from the past.

If you are into the Pyramids at all, this site has a lot of interesting photos and schematics of the once hidden chambers.


Greybishop said...

What a great site.

I was in the "middle sized" pyramid. The big'n was closed for repairs to the entrance or something.

We had a guide who took us all over Cairo, but he didn't go into the pyramid with us. When we got down there, there was a guide who gathered us in a group and took us through the various rooms. He had a big booming voice and an excellent sense of humour. He took my girlfriend's hand and flirted with her mercilessly for the whole tour. He was great. He rifled off chamber dimesions and opening dates etc, and being a bit of a history buff, I can tell you that he was more accurate than the "guides" we paid via the tourist company. At the end, he naturally had his hand out and I gave him a 20 pound tip. He was worth it.

When we got back to our guide, he says "You didn't pay anyone down there, did you?" Turns out that the "guide" is just a local who buys a ticket like everyone else and stays in the pyramid all day.

Best part of our whole tour of Egypt and worth every penny of the 20 Egyptian Pounds I paid him!

Sawsee said...

Great story GB!

People like your pseudo-guide, really enhance the experience.

Looking at some of the small passageways, I think I would get claustrophobic inside!

Did you get led into any small passageways?

Greybishop said...

No, most of the passages were large enough to easily accomodate an adult. I think that the "Great Pyramid" is significantly more complex and has more cramped quarters, but I haven't yet gone in, so I'm not sure.

One of these days. My first stop on my second tour of Egypt will be at Giza. I'm gonna try and hire the "pseudo-guide" for the day!

Sawsee said...

That's cool that you are planning to go back to Egypt.

I've always wanted to see the pyramids too.

Petra, the Great Wall, Machu Picchu, Cambodian ruins (ankor wat), and the pyramids are high on my 'must see' list!

Greybishop said...

I was this close to getting a look at the great wall.

My band had a line on a two gigs in China, but the hotel chain wouldn't budge on the $$$ and no matter how much I begged, neither would the band. The deal (that one and a shot at a gig in Oman) fell through and no Great Wall for me.


Somedays I really hope that {ahem} certain people are really tired of asking "Do you want fries with that?"

Then I realize that I'm being petty and stop sticking pins in the voodoo dolls....

Sawsee said...

Hey GB!

The voodoo sticking may very well be therapuetic; so I would not be too hasty to eliminate this form of relief.

I'm sure another opportunity to get to the Great Wall will happen. But it can be frustrating when you are so close...