Saturday, June 23, 2007

Falkirk Wheel: connecting canals.


Greybishop said...

Hey Sawsee.

You should check your title/link on this one. It has your blog site stuck on at the beginning, so readers have to edit the link to get where they're supposed to go.

That taken care of, neat!

The Falkirk Wheel:
"Servicing your fear of water and your fear of heights simultaneously since 2002."

Sawsee said...

Thanks GreyBishop!

I'm not sure why that happened as the link only had the Youtube URL?

Anyways, it seems to be working now!

Thanks for letting me know!

I am getting close to ordering the SOT books as I STILL have not received, from the library, the third book. In February I was something like 35th in line and now I'm around 11th or so. The library must only have one copy!

I'm a little reluctant to order the complete set on line, as some publishers print the text within a hair from the edge of the page making reading very difficult (unless one has small thumbs!). Do you know of a publisher that prints on better stock with wide margins?

Greybishop said...

Well, Terry is exclusively a Tor published author, and my copy of "Chainfire" was handy. The margins were about a cm from the edge of the page, and not too bad at the spine side.

If you're unsure about ordering them, wait until I put up my "Chapters" link at this week and order from them. The good thing with a Chapters order is that if you're unhappy, you can easily return the books to any Chapters location, rather than sending them back. All you need is the invoice and the books.

Sawsee said...

Thanks GB! I've waited so long for the third book, I want to re-read the first 2 again, but I would have to request them again at the library. AArrrgg!