Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pulling for the underdog.

A British talent show finds a rare talent.


Lady-in-Gray said...

Wow! That brought tears to my eyes. I wish Paul much success and a happy future!

Sawsee said...

Hi Lady!

I got choked up too! I think the finals are this week so I'll keep checking to see if he wins.

Greybishop said...

Well, damn!

For the first 30 seconds I was expecting a gag, just based on his looks and what he was going to try to do...


Greybishop said...

You'll be happy to hear that HE WON!

Ok, so this snaggle toothed cellphone selling nerd is my new musical hero. Never thought I'd be impressed by ANYONE on one of these "reality" shows. It's a first.

Here's the winning performance:

and his encore:

and his semi final WOW in case you missed it:

Sawsee said...

I agree with you GB, I never thought I would be a fan of a reality star. Especially one who sings opera! There's something about Paul that really pulls on my heart strings!

Thanks for posting the latest links!

Greybishop said...

Though it PAINS me to admit it, I will be watching for his album.

Paul Potts is a guy who I will happily support by voting with my wallet.

I'm still grateful that I didn't have to watch the whole show, however.

Thanks, Sawsee, for finding the gold in the mountain of dung that is "reality" television. I suppose the law of averages plays a part here too. After a decade of sludge, one talented guy shows up for the auditions...

Greybishop said...

Hello. My name is Greybishop and I'm a Paul Potts addict.

I can't stop watching this guy!

Sawsee said...


I guess we'll have to become Paul Potts groupies, and travel Wales and Yorkshire countrysides, filling up with chips, cornish pasties and Paul Pott arias.

Ohh, I forgot: all enjoyed with liberal doses of Guiness, and Kilkennys.