Friday, August 03, 2007

The demise of the Salton Sea

This is a sad commentary on pollution in the Salton Sea.


Greybishop said...

Just before surfing in here, I was here:

Different problem, but ultimately just as bad if it keeps going.

Sawsee said...

Hey GB!

Have you ever driven around the Great Lakes? I remember I was in Winnipeg and thought I could drive to Toronto in one day. Then I hit Lake Superior!

What a huge lake. It hurts my head, but how much water has disappeared for that lake to see the noted decrease? It must be billions (trillions?) of gallons!

Greybishop said...

I've done the Great Lakes from end to end at least a dozen times.

Superior is really amazing. So big it has tides. Went fishing on it a few times. With even a light fog, you can easily travel far enough out to lose sight of the shore in all directions.

Once did a 37 hour drive, around Huron and Superior, from Brantford, Ontario to Brandon, Manitoba. We got out of the car, set up the gear, showered and played. The who week is a blur...can't remember any of it clearly.

We (North Americans) need to work on better water preservation techniques. Of course, that won't happen until there's a crisis. Much like auto makers didn't change their ways until the gas crisis of the 1970's, the majority of consumers won't change until they have no choice.

Sawsee said...

I've been to Brantford and around Simcoe to Lake Huron. Wow "Brantford to Winnipeg and THEN perform! Was it a mellow event or did you have to rock?

Last summer, Tofino ran out of water. Tofino is in the middle of the rainforest, and gets something like 15 feet of rain, but with all the new resorts, hot tubs, etc. the reservoirs were totally drained!

Yes, consumers don't think they alone affect shortages.

Greybishop said...

Oh, no. We rocked Brandon. I don't remember it, but we did.

I have lots of non memories like that.

Sawsee said...

Your road trips would make a great book.

If the times and places are fuzzy, so much the better.

To have your experiences flowing together (rather than in chronological order) could create a feeling which would allow the reader to see a snipet of the life of travelling bands.

Or maybe, your experiences provide the basis for a character that loves SF too.

Greybishop said...

I was so exhausted much of the time that a lot of the experience is a melded "where did I do that?" type experience. We partied pretty hard too, so that contributed to the "where are we this week?" zeitgeist.

Many of my experiences were atypical of what folks might expect. I did NO drugs on the road, and while some of my various band mates occasionally indulged, my bands were drug-free for the most part. We drank quite a bit, but I only had one band mate who I would characterize as a probable alcoholic. While we did our best to live the "wine, women and song" lifestyle, none of the groups I was in ever really rose to epic levels in any of those respects.

Still, there were a lot of great times. And the stories. Oh, the stories I could (and often do) tell.

Sawsee said...

Yes, I'm you have some great stories!

I've always enjoyed 'road trips' but I can't imagine doing it for long periods of time. I could never figure out, why travelling is so tiring?

I guess the mind is always thinking, planning and never fully relaxed like one finds at home.

"While we did our best to live the "wine, women and song" lifestyle, none of the groups I was in ever really rose to epic levels in any of those respects." Lol!

This sounds like me! I never was a 'player'; I enjoyed the parties but never did the 'one night stands'.