Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dust on a car; a new artform.

Check out the gallery and the 'multimedia' link and watch the 'Austin K-EYE 42 news video.


Anonymous said...

I can only see the Einstein pic, but Holy Moley! Inspiring, as well as providing a beautiful excuse for why my car and the carwash have become strangers! I love when people see the world as a canvas. It sure is a lot more impressive than the smiley faces and "footprints made with the side of your fist" motifs that I've been clinging to for my dustworks! I hope you and CR are doing well! newbie

Anonymous said...

Now that is really creative and very cool!

LOSTbean said...

ok, so that makes my "test dirt-do not remove" art seem pretty lame. sigh. :)

Greybishop said...

Newbie -
You probably just clicked the picture, the link is the title of the article. There's a gallery of a whole bunch of them.

You have to see the poker dogs.

That's just cool.

Anonymous said...

GB-AHA! That was exactly the problem...we won't discuss how stupid I feel! Dogs playing poker is very cool! I liked the shot from the interior of the car, it made it seem like he was watching an old movie at a drive-in!

LB-"Test Dirt-Do Not Remove"... Hilarious!

Howdy, JDH, como estas?

Thanks, Sawsee!!!

Greybishop said...

No need for that Newbie. When Sawsee started doing the links in the title, I was as confused as anyone. I'm an old pro now.

Sawsee said...

Welcome everyone! I guess I should try to place a 'link' at the bottom of each post too?

I wonder if people scribble 'Wash Me' on his window?

Does he play 'dust in the wind' on his car stereo?

Anonymous said...

Sawsee-"Dust in the Wind"--HA!
scribbling anything on his windows would be vandalism in my book! As for having to put an additional link at the bottom, I don't think it is necessary. Sooner or later some helpful soul enlightens the clueless, and then I have an excuse to do my special "I learned something new today" dance.

Anonymous said...

Ok, in case it wasn't obvious, that last post was me--newbie

Sawsee said...

hey newbie!

re: "I learned something new today" dance.

Glad that I was a catalyst!

Dancing is good for the soul, especially if it is the 'Happy Dance'.