Monday, September 10, 2007

Container City!

Container City showcases a number of projects converting shipping containers into accommodation. I love this! Thanks to JDH for this link!


LOSTbean said...

oh! i SO want one of those! so urban trendy looking! and my cats would go nuts with all the windows-it would be like a 360 theatre to them!

Sawsee said...

Hi lostbean!

Yes, lots of windows for curious cats! Maybe, you could buy them a fishing pole?

Anonymous said...

I hate posting stuff like this on your blog. But I found this on the internet, and thought everyone might find it very useful. 10 houseplants that clean the air.

Anonymous said...

The houseplant was me.

Sawsee said...

Hey JDH! I'm not sure if I can find the link, but I've read about homes built with totally natural materials and the owners and visitors were immediately struck with the natural smell. Typically, a new house emits a rather chemical odor from carpets, glue etc.

Plants and trees play such a huge benefit to our well-being.