Thursday, October 11, 2007

Unreal Space suits and other collections


Greybishop said...

Great find Sawsee!

Fun, informative and just plain cool.

Anonymous said...

They look like Micronauts.
I wonder if that is where the inspiration for the Micronauts came from, old futuristic illustrations.

Greybishop said...


I had a buttload of them as a kid. There was this AWESOME spaceship that came apart into three pieces, two of which were pistols that shot these darts tipped with big, heavy rubber balls!

I had a boat/submarine, that space ship, two or three moon-buggy type things and dozens of the little guys. They were the BEST!

Sawsee said...

I unfortunately did not have any of these cool Micronauts!

When canine ridge was in San Fran, she bought me 2 'ugly toys'! Yea!

GB: They cost $5 retail. They are so cool, that I bet you would be able to sell them in your store. Wholesale, I imagine they would be $2.50. A steal! They'll sell like hotcakes, or 'ugly toys'.

Greybishop said...

I'll have to look into that!