Saturday, January 26, 2008

Innovate or die; an important site discovered by greybishop!

This incredible site has a number of amazing innovations to improve living conditions. Thanks to GreyBishop for telling me about it!


Greybishop said...

Hey Sawsee!
Ain't it cool? I found the url at the end of the video for the mobile filtration bicycle you posted.

Great concept. Of course there are people out there in the blogosphere saying "it's just another company using 'green' as a promotional tool".

I think that the only way the planet will ever go 'green' or have its hunger and water problems solved is if it is PROFITABLE to someone to make that happen.

There's nothing wrong with charity and altruism, but somewhere along the line, money MUST be made to pay for everything. I think what the company that sponsored the contest did is noteworthy and praiseworthy.

Greybishop said...

Ok, Sawsee, five days and no you!

Everything ok?

I'm guessing you're just having a bout of "Real world-itis" that's keeping you off the net this week...

Lady-in-Gray said...

um.... what Greybishop said (he beat me to it).

We miss you.....


Sawsee said...

Hey GB and Lady!

Yes, all is well! Still a bit slow after the vacation. Thanks for asking!

I have not spent much time online, rather I've been cooking up a storm and have enrolled in yoga and painting class!
Yoga is hard! I can't bend! Painting begins next week and to prepare I've begun to open my paint and smear it around to create a muddy puddle. I think that's promising?

Lady-in-Gray said...

Hey, Sawsee! Welcome back. So, what are you cooking for us.....? Smells great!

Happy to hear that you are expanding your horizons with new things. Don't worry about the flexibility, it will eventually come back. Someday I'll tell you about getting stuck in the Lotus Position....

Have fun and enjoy!

Greybishop said...

...someday I'll tell you about getting stuck between a chair and a bed in hotel room.

Oh, wait...that had nothing to do with yoga.

Sawsee said...

Lol! Getting stuck in a lotus position is something that would typically happen to me!

Stuck between a chair and a bed reminds me of a time in highschool. One of our classmates had the ability to hypnotize himself. One time, when he was in a trance, he came after me with an umbrella! And no, he was not pretending he was Mary Poppins!