Saturday, January 12, 2008

Introducing, thought-provoking Snow Globes!


Greybishop said...

What a fantastic find!

The one you picked for the article is awesome, but this one:

just makes me weak in the knees.

Sawsee said...

Hey GB!

The one you selected reminds me of that poem:

(that goes something like this...)

The woods are lonely, dark and deep,

and I have miles to go before I sleep

and miles to go before I sleep.

(I think I am forgetting a poignant line?)

qt said...

Hi sawsee!

Thought-provoking, indeed...
I like the one with the giant bunnies! :}

(wonder what it's supposed to mean)

Sawsee said...

Hi qt! Happy New year!

You are in luck! The bunny snow globe is only $750!

As well here is a description I found of the artwork:

"The images tell expressive tales of lonesome travelers in the frozen wilderness that contain an arctic topography of snow-clad hills, boulders and dead trees where one or more tiny sculpted people are passing through or stranded. The result is a stage everyone is bound to enter when life has lost its warmth and promise, at which point finding a new way becomes desperately urgent."

And welcome back!