Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Check out the museum of Retro Technology!


Greybishop said...

That's a great site, Sawsee!

If you look under "monowheels" they even include the versions built for my favourite reality show, Junkyard Wars! Actually the only reality show I can stand...

Anyhow, the wheels were built on the British version "Scrapheap Challenge" and that's where I first heard the term "Gerbiling" which isn't nearly as dirty as it sounds.

"Gerbiling" describes the situation faced by many monowheel riders when something goes horribly, catastrophically wrong and they end up rolling inside the monowheel at the same speed as the wheel is rolling across the ground.

Fun to watch, but I doubt fun to experience...

Sawsee said...

Gerbiling! Now that's a first!

Gerbiling does not sound fun though!

I applaud these inventors for having the guts to actually 'try' out their own inventions.

Greybishop said...

Then you'd love Junkyard wars.

They build the wierdest contraptions (catapults, drag racers, digging machines, car crushers, sand racing sailcars, hovercraft, even airplanes!) out of what they find in the junkyard.

It's just a great concept (probably more than a little rigged, but there's no money involved for the contestants - they're vying for a trophy made guessed it...junk) that never fails to entertain.

Hovercraft was one of my favourite builds, but its always fun to watch them do anything on the water, like torpedoes or amphibious cars. Someone always sinks.

If you've never seen the show, check it out.

Sawsee said...

Yes, I've seen the show and liked it, although I have yet to convince canine ridge of the merits of watching!

Greybishop said...

It is definitely a male oriented show, although not a bikini in sight, so it's not as bad as many shows aiming at the same audience.

I am SO not a car guy, not mechanically inclined at all, but it is really good to see cobbled together machines succeed and fail catastrophically!