Friday, February 15, 2008

Sleeve Face: photograph your fave album cover with yourself!


newbie said...

That rocks! Makes me want to dig them out and find a cool one that hasn't been reinterpreted yet...I like the fact that vinyl is experience a new resurgence, I miss the joy of pouring over album art and liner notes while hearing the music for the first time! Thanks, Sawsee!!!!

newbie said...

eesh, sorry for the lack of proper grammar in that post!!!

Sawsee said...

Hi newbie!

I agree! There's something to be said about large album art with content-laden inner sleeves.

I still remember the delight of opening up a cool album for the first time and being amazed at all the 'extra' goodies found within!

There's a lot of people that still prefer analog to digital, even with all the pops, scratches and skips too!

I think it's time for me to haul out the turntable!

newbie said...

I have to say I am one of those that enjoys the pops and hisses...putting on records was so ritualistic...the battle vs. static to remove any dust, getting the needle just so, trying to hit just the right spot to hear a favorite again...too fun...I always loved when the liner notes had every musician on every song listed, along with words and extra interior art...I also have fond memories of my sister using the unfolded KISS Double Platinum album as a sun reflector to enhance her facial tan. Ah, the seventies!!!

Greybishop said...

Album art and liner notes are the only thing I miss about analog.

I'm not one who liked the hiss/pop/brush the record/oh crap I scratched it! analog days.

It might be attributable to my preference for clean sound OR it might be because DJing with two cd wallets is a hell of a lot easier than with 10 milk crates full of vinyl.

Not to mention the pain in the butt of having to buy an album and either tape it or buy the tape so I could play it in the car.

Nope, I say give us LP sized CDs!

Cool art, clean transmisson and I'd only have to carry on milk crate.

Greybishop said...

Make that "onE" milk crate.

Sawsee said...

hi newbie and GB!

I can totally relate, trying to pinpoint the exact groove to drop the needle into! And a Kiss album as a sun reflector...too funny!

GB! Yes, the downside (downsize!) to albums is the weight and space required. I still have about 300 albums, but the album art (e.g. Andy Warhol's art on Rolling Stones' "Love you live") keeps me from disposing of them. I guess if I had to lug them every weekend to a DJ gig, I would be begin to re-think my love affair!