Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ending hunger, caring for the earth.

Here is a very worthwhile project. Next time you need to give a gift, give a flock of geese or...


Greybishop said...

I know what I'm going to give myself on my birthday. It'll feel a hell of a lot better to buy a needy family a flock of geese or ducks than to add another movie to my DVD collection.

Not a lot of help, perhaps, but if the half of the world with the money all decided to spend $20 or $30 to help the half that's starving we might just get somewhere.

I'm not a fan of donating cash to an organization (since it's always unclear just how much money is actually making it into the right hands) but this seems much more real and simple.

I also like the idea of buying bees for a family, particularly if they live in a corrupt area where aid somehow never quite makes it where it's destined. Just imaging some asshole with a gun trying to hijack a shipment of bees thinking that it's food or some other easy to sell commodity just makes me smile.

LOSTbean said...

do they....slaughter these animals that you donate?

Sawsee said...

Hi lostbean!

The main idea is to provide sustainable food. Ideally, this means the gifts are the beginning of a permanent herd/flock.

As GB stated above, typically food that is donated is either stolen or provides a temporary relief. Heifer's approach gives them the tools to change their lives.