Monday, April 19, 2010

Our dear kitty and golden have passed away.

Cooper, our golden retriever lived a good 14 years and quickly passed away. Our little kitty's demise was sudden and unexpected. After 4 months of joy, Boboli stopped eating and became extremely lethargic. After numerous visits to the vet, we tried everything to help him get better. Last week we were told he had a terminal disease (F.I.P.) and would continue to get worse. So, we made the difficult decision of having him put down. R.I.P, Cooper and Boboli.

On a happier note, our other cat now accompanies myself and other dog on our morning walks!


Lady-in-Gray said...

Awww....I'm sorry to hear that, Sawsee. I know how much it hurts to say good bye to our four-legged loved ones. Cooper had a long and happy life. Boboli's demise is just sad and unfortunate.

I'm glad that you still have company on your walks, though.

Sawsee said...

Thanks Lady!

This may sound strange but it was easier to see our 14 year old go than our little kitten. I guess we knew Cooper had a full life and Boboli's was just beginning.

I have to bring my camera and try to capture my 2 walking comrades.

Yesterday, I had the most incredible eagle experience!
I was working in the backyard when I became aware of this rushing wind sound. I looked up and there, not 4 feet away, was an eagle racing after a hawk. They both came within inches of the ground and then soared 10 feet banking to the right of me. The hawk veered one way and the eagle decided to abandon the chase, banking in front of me once again before flying away.

Lady-in-Gray said...

Losing a young one is sudden and shocking. It just shouldn't happen that way. Of course it's harder to deal with. And, once they've worked their way into your heart, it's still very hard to say matter how long they were with you.

Oooh, an exciting hawk/eagle encounter. Cool! I'm guessing the hawk must have ventured into the eagle's nesting territory. How close are you to the water?

Sawsee said...

Thanks Lady!

We are at least a mile away from the water. There are nearby fields which lure predatory birds with the selection of fuzzy rodents.

LOSTbean said...

Oh heart aches for you. I lost both my kitties this time last year...totally unrelated illnesses. Worst time of my life. But, a few weeks later, I had 2 new wonderful kitty brothers, and then about 6 weeks later, I added a little torti girl to the mix. While a day doesn't go by that I don't miss my previous kitties, these rescue kitties really rescued me...not the other way around.

Sawsee said...

Hi Lbean! Thanks for the note! I did not know you had lost your kitties too. Yes, we are currently 'fostering' a young kitten and it does help to have him around.

I am 'babysitting a 100 pound dog too, so our hands are full!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I'm so sorry. Losing one pet is hard enough, but losing two at the same time...

TechConsultLK said...

sorry for that.
Our kitty is just like yours.