Friday, September 07, 2007

Big Rig debuts at festival.

"The sculpture re-purposes massive big rig trucks to create a work of art. It will debut in late August at Burning Man, where attendees will be encouraged to climb through the tankers, and explore a rich jungle-like interior."


JDH said...

Sawsee, that architecture site is back up, look back through several pages -

Creatively crazy and insane

to the very cool

Sawsee said...

Thanks JDH!

A very cool link and a very cool site!

I love the limestone house! How are your plans?

JDH said...

The plans are coming along, it is weird for me to not be hyper and impatient about getting them done and getting the house started.
I have some pictures I'll have to post, maybe I'll make a house blog or something, but I'm almost done creating the dry creek bed and my flatbed trailer for hauling compost and mulch. When I create the blog I'll let you know, maybe tomorrow.