Friday, September 14, 2007

Graffiti artist gets little respect!


Greybishop said...

I'm glad to read that they didn't hit the guy with major fines or jail time!

Sure, it's technically vandalism, but it's creative, innoffensive vandalism that hurts no one.

My kind of crime!

newbie said...

I think it's too clever to be crime. Like GB said, it's harmless and ther's no way anyone can claim that it made the lanes confusing or something. I'd have to let it slide, but I guess that is why I'm not in law enforcement and was never asked to be on the disciplinary committees at my school.

Sawsee said...

Hi Greybishop and newbie!

I read that one of his 'punishments' was to paint a bit of graffiti in a designated park, so at least someone recognizes his brilliance.

I love to see something familiar turned on its side to create something new!